Lectures & Topics

The following topics are lectures suitable for dental conferences or any local dental meeting. Some vairability in the timing can occur depending on the needs of the organizer, however, it is possible to expand or shorten them if needed.


Easy-to-do endodontics

Lecture duration: 45-90 minutes

During this lecture, participants get an insight to the basics of today’s endodontic principles. Materials
and recent technologies are discussed
with a special focus on rotary instruments and
one file endodontic procedures.


Curing lamps

Lecture duration: 45-90 minutes

This lecture reviews the current scientific background for dental curing units. Degree of conversion, monomers and polimerisation are discussed. The audience gets some guidance about the main factors when setting up a dental office and buying the lamps that are the best solutions for the interventions planned.


Facial aesthetics

Lecture duration: 45-60 minutes

During this lecture the basics of facial esthetics are discussed. All major factors influencing the smile
and the facial appearance are introduced.
The audience understands the red and white balance and main aspects of smile design as well as how
to plan an ideal front restoration for their patients.


Basic dental implant lecture

Lecture duration: 100-120 minutes

This lecture reviews the basics of dental anatomy

and the major history of dental implants that are essential to understand the principles of dental implant placement. The audience is guided through recent implant selections and implant shapes, designs. Basic drilling protocols are also discussed.


Dental implant education

for beginners

Lecture duration: 2-5 days

Depending on the wish of the organizers, this session

is to help dentists start their own dental implant practice in 2-5 days. Basic anatomy, dental implant

history, implant types and ways of implant placement

will be highlighted.

Participants learn how to place an implant predictably after creating a long-term functioning treatment plan.

The course includes implant planning and prosthetic rehabilitation options for fixed and removable dentures. Basics of dental implantology and up-to-date

innovations are discussed,

ending up in live surgical demonstration.


Hands-ons shall be included, but this is a matter

of location and local organizers, as well as live surgery

and demonstration on artifical and /or animal jaws.


Full ceramic restorations

Lecture duration: 60-120 minutes

A review of the current options of full ceramic restorations, with a special focus on the press-

ceramic systems and its development.


High-end options and best esthetic solutions will be introduced both in the front and the molar

region. If needed, hands-on parts can be

included if facilities are appropriate.

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